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Sylvie Lacroix is an accomplished flute soloist and chamber musician with a special emphasis on contemporary and new music. The freelance flutist lives in Vienna, Austria and works regularly with composers side-by-side, searching for new sounds and expressions all the way through until their first performances.

This interest in working with living composers has accompanied Sylvie Lacroix since the beginnings of her career. A founding member of Klangforum Wien, she remained an active member until 1997.

Presently a member of the Trio AMOS (with accordionist Krassimir Sterev and cellist Michael Moser) as well as the Viennese soloist ensemble PHACE, she has performed the newest solo literature for flute from Salvatore Sciarrino to K.K.Hübler, Chaya Czernowin, Bernhard Lang and numerous young composers and is often a guest performer at various festivals throughout the world.

She founded the music education project “Musicpalette”, a summer chamber music course for children and young adults with emphasis on new music between 1990 – 2006. She continues to inspire flute players with her playing as well as her broad interest in all directions of music and is a dedicated flute teacher at the Viennese Music School. An accomplished traverse flute player as well, Sylvie Lacroix is a member of the ensemble “il concerto viennese” and the chamber ensemble Alma Amadé.

Following many years being as fearless interpreter, Sylvie Lacroix began to seriously work on her own compositions and is in ever increasing demand as a composer.